About the Academy

At the Unleash Academy (UA), we believe that each person is unique and the hero of their own story. Each Client is the expert of their own life. We simply create and hold a Safe, Ardent, Non-judging and Empowering (SANE) space that would enable each person to:

  • enhance their self-awareness,
  • understand their perspectives, underlying beliefs and mindset,
  • reframe disempowering perspectives, underlying beliefs and automatic commitments,
  • release their voice, power and freedom to achieve their goals and purpose, etc.

Within the SANE space and using tools like brain-based coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, question thinking, visualisation, diagnostic assessments, the tremendously powerful Interactive tools, imprinting techniques, neural reconditioning, etc., we work with each person to:

  • transform the model of their reality;
  • draw out their intrinsic human resourcefulness;
  • create possibilities where there seems to be none, and
  • transform and unleash them to reclaim their voice/path, achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.








Our programmes are designed in a manner that is tailored to your unique and specific aspirations and wishes. These include the UA:

Mentoring & Coaching

The Unleash Academy 1-2-1 Mentoring and the Group mentoring and Coaching programmes adopt adult learning principles designed for personal and corporate transformation.

Unleash Legal

UL delivers a wealth of experience in Legal risks and case management strategy, creating a practical organizational structure, and cost optimization amongst others from an array of experience with international and Nigerian Legal departments alike.

Unleash Lounge and Clinics

ULC provides individuals and corporations with long and short-term masterclasses to expand their knowledge on subjects that would contribute to their personal and professional development.