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At UA, we believe that each Client is unique and the hero of their own story. The Client is the expert of their own life. We work with each person to:


Transform the model of their reality.


Create possibilities where there seems to be none.

personal goals

Transform and unleash them to achieve their goals, reclaim their voice and path, and live the life of their dreams.




LIVING IN THE MOMENT – Omicron Variant & Red List Countries The last UK travel restrictions that included Nigeria in the red countries list made me angry. As I felt the frustration rising within me, I started chatting with a close friend who was affected by the announcement. My friend’s reaction to my angry outburst…


After a speaking event this morning, another speaker asked me a question that triggered a memory that represents a threshold in my life journey. Years ago, working in London, I volunteered to mentor a teenage girl in a secondary school. “What skill can you teach a teenager?” I was asked. I pondered and came up…

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The key you need to unlock your full potential and deal with any situation, mundane or complex, is often already available to you. Whether it means using your resources and expertise to achieve improved results or tools at your disposal to create the desired change – Our team at Unleash Academy is ready to help…