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The S.A.N.E space

About Unleash Academy

At the Unleash Academy (UA), we believe that each person is unique and the hero of their own story. Each Client is the expert of their own life. We simply create and hold a Safe, Ardent, Non-judging and Empowering (SANE) space that would enable each person to:


  • enhance their self-awareness,
  • understand their perspectives, underlying beliefs and mindset,
  • reframe disempowering perspectives, underlying beliefs and automatic commitments,
  • release their voice, power and freedom to achieve their goals and purpose, etc.

What happens in the S.A.N.E space

Within the SANE space and using tools like brain-based coaching, emotional intelligence, appreciative inquiry, question thinking, visualisation, diagnostic assessments, the tremendously powerful Interactive tools, imprinting techniques, neural reconditioning, etc., we work with each person to:

transform the model of their reality;
draw out their intrinsic human resourcefulness;
create possibilities where there seems to be none
transform and unleash them to reclaim their voice/path, achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

Our programmes are designed in a manner that is tailored to your unique and specific aspirations and wishes. These include the UA

Career Essence​

Business Agility

Lounge & Clinic

Mind Club

Mentoring & Coaching

The Unleash Model

Our Unleash Model is designed to make each Client become more efficient, productive, creative and successful. They are equipped to lead others towards those ends too. Our Clients find that there is nothing more practical than this. In the end they will be able to make the quantum leap out of their present quandary despite any doubts that they may have.


The system of tools and practices that we bring to our SANE space enables each Client to develop ways to make intentional, conscious choices in the moment rather than being controlled by events around them or by their emotions. These are essential leadership qualities for being aware, awake and responsive to their business and life at hand.


Our Clients will learn how to coach themselves through challenges to get better results, focus on the bigger picture and to develop the ability to know when they are running on automatic pilot and reacting mindlessly. Each client will discover more options and can choose more wisely even under pressure.


The Unleash Model drives optimal performance by offering our Clients time and space to draw out their intrinsic resourcefulness, unleash their inner resources and overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving goals. Each journey is unique, responding to specific needs and equipping each Client to lead others to succeed. Our Clients find that there is nothing more practical than this. In the end, each Client is unleashed to make the quantum leap of their life.

Iceberg Theory:

We work with our Clients to explore what is going on below the waterline and increase their ability to understand their behaviours.

Corporate Transformation:

We lay emphasis on developing our Client to better perform in their role and reflect upon what is important to them.


We enable the application of learnings and its incorporation into day-to-day work and thus facilitates the learning process.

Adult Learning Theories:

Integrates critical adult learning theories to produce a mature understanding of self, acceptance, respect and love towards others.

Interpersonal Development:

Our programmes are powerful ways of developing interpersonal skills, raising awareness of how each person interacts with others.

Emotional Intelligence (EI):

We support our Clients to guide their thinking, cope with stressful situations, achieve goals and make wiser life choices.