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Mentoring and Coaching Programmes

The Unleash Academy 1-2-1 Power Mentoring and Coaching (PMC) programme or the Group Mentoring and Coaching (GMCC) programme (the Programmes) are designed for personal and corporate  transformation. Either can be requested by an individual privately or via the organization they work for, in a professional context. Each offers our Client an opportunity to develop their inner resources and overcome barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals. Each journey is then unique,  responding to the Client’s specific needs.

The core elements of the Unleash 1-2-1 PMC or GMCC Programme:


we support our Employee Clients in fully developing their professional skills or reach their leadership aspirations.

Private individuals:

we enable each Client to find the path that feels right and tailored for them, personally or professionally.

Students and Young Adults:

we give them the space to develop the tools that will help them find their career path or life path – the path that is right for them to live their life fully.

Corporate Programme

This Programme takes place in a corporate context and is designed to allow employees to develop their individual skills in their work environment. It enables and empowers our Employee Client to fully contribute to the company objectives and transform their performance.

The business climate of today has changed radically, with Leaders being expected to perform whilst suddenly grappling with the added complexity of leading their teams remotely through immense uncertainty and change. The Unleash corporate offering is in direct response to these new challenges facing Leaders.

The Unleash Academy helps organisations to provide valuable support to their Leaders — from managers to top executives to get better at handling stress, communicating effectively, leading people, understanding emotion and motivation, driving optimal performance and much more.  Providing such support through our transformational Mentoring and Coaching Programmes for influential individuals in an organization leads to better business results for both the organization and the employee.

Real measurable results are accomplished, and the transformation is obvious to the people around our Clients. With the Unleash Model’s unique acknowledgement, feedback and encouragement, each Client becomes more engaged with their workplace, contributes more effectively to their teams and drives performance in the organization. Each Employee Client’s ardent engagement with the  Programme would help to increase retention rates and productivity thus benefiting their careers and the overall organization.

  1. Build your confidence to deal with today’s  uncertainty
  2. Develop your ability to organise and re-prioritise  yourself and your teams
  3. Delegate effectively to realise the capabilities  and skills of your team

Personal Programme

This Programme takes place in a private individual context and brings clarity and awareness to important choices and situations. Our Client will connect with their true motivation and strengths. We will support them to determine concrete actions and establish accountability structures that would transform their lives, make them live their truth and the life of their dreams.

There are thousands of people who know exactly what to do, say, eat, think and feel and may even appear to have all their professional and personal lives covered. Yet, somewhere in there, they still  feel like something is either missing or “off.” This can be the exact place where each Unleash Personal  Programme intervenes to drive big transformations that would in turn drive bigger results. If any person is feeling dissatisfied, challenged, frustrated, restless, or simply wants more – then they will invariably benefit from the Unleash MC Personal Programmes.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the human brain is wired to protect and ensure our survival. As odd as it may seem in our contemporary world of comforts, technology, business objectives, etc., that primal part is still very much at work and can lead to performance-damaging self-sabotage.

Each Unleash MC Personal Programme supports each Client to minimize those instances and take self-sabotaging survival instincts “off-line” at key points to ensure personal and professional success.  This is not about ignoring gut instincts or being untrue to self in any way. On the contrary, it is about training our brain to be more powerful and fearless than ever before. The Unleash MC Personal Programme:

  • Equips each Client with their unique “owner’s manual” so that they have the awareness, tools and insights necessary to reach their goals in the fastest and most effective way possible.
  • Ensures that each Client sees their goals through to the end and achieves the bold results they desire.
  • Provides the support to enable each Client to break their ambitious objectives down into strategic actionable steps and stay focused to move forward with maximum efficiency
We are here to work with you and support you along the way if you're ready to make an impact while utilizing innovative ways of thinking, working, leading, and living.