The Unleash Women MC experience is the first of its kind for me. At first, I didn't know what to expect; the first session I had was mind-blowing, very fulfilling as well as enriching. It enabled me to get in touch with my past in areas of improving work relationships and empower myself towards greater efficiency, productivity, and growth. I found the atmosphere very warm, friendly and fraternal; I was exposed to real-life situations that helped me to rediscover my potential and that, for me, is life-changing. I really appreciate the way personal experiences are shared in the spirit of truth and openness. It has helped me to broaden my understanding of how to relate to people I work with more maturely. One other amazing thing I see is the kind of wonderful women that constitute this forum; highly intelligent, focused, respectful, and purpose-driven in all interactions and values. I am so grateful for the privilege of being part of this great team.

- -S.L, Educator/Vice Principal

Journeying through Unleash WMC for me has been an experience of one who is stripped of attachments that we have been taught by society to grow with, while losing the whole essence of being. With Unleash, I have been exposed to my true being and the driving force that makes me who I am, with values driving my emotions. Simply put, I'm now aware of my being through the transformation called awareness. I learned to set aside the negatives while recreating my world with simple thoughts that align with my values, growing in strength, reaching new heights with the positive vibes and actually knowing why I do or react the way I do now more than ever. Unleash, a self-awareness and discovery programme, is mind-blowing as you journey, being fully equipped with strengths that create positivity and the world you desire to live, a happy and fulfilled life through shared experience with other members.

- -O. C, Economist

The Unleash WMC is the first mentorship I have ever been a part of, and the fact that it is anchored primarily by someone I have admired since I was a law student was the icing on the cake for me. I was not sure that I would be considered for the mentorship sessions, so one can only imagine my joy when I saw my "admission" email! It has been a great experience that I would not trade for anything. I have watched myself evolve into a more confident, driven young woman who is no longer afraid to dream and achieve it all. The sessions made me more in touch with emotions that I never thought I felt and helped me appreciate all of my imperfections and harness my strengths. I am most grateful for the sessions and the wonderful other ladies I have met. It is safe to say that indeed I have found the Secret Answer

- -C. N, Lawyer

My experience with the Unleash WMC has been eye-opening, to say the least. To be honest, on joining, I was not sure what to expect. I, however, came in open-minded and was glad I took the leap of faith. I've come to meet some pretty amazing women. Every session is an eye-opener and leaves us wanting more; more together, more from this phase of our lives, and more of what life has to offer. I have learned so much about myself and even more about my meaning, center, and purpose. I have come to understand more about priorities and values, how to get more out of life, where I want to be, and who I want to be. From the Secret to the Answer, to the conversations and the collective emotional rides, every single experience has added positively to the woman I am becoming every day in this new phase of my life and targeted holistic well-being. I am so grateful for the experience and for Mirian and the team (and to my wonderful women with whom I have been joined in this circle and journey). It's been truly life-changing and I appreciate you all a great deal! Lots of love.

- -I.I, Lawyer

Unleash WMC has been a pivotal experience in my life. Prior to joining, I had never been in a mentorship class, so I didn't know what to expect. However, I have come to enjoy and, in fact, look forward to the meetings. I appreciate the ease with which people share their experiences and the exposure they bring. It helps me manage the deep personalities in the different spheres of life I am exposed to and now engage with. I should mention the practical life lessons I leave each meeting with. I am totally blessed to be a member of this outstanding group of women from all walks of life.

- -F. A, Lawyer

This coaching is a beautiful journey in self-discovery. I have identified some of my strengths and I'm better able to draw on them in life's challenges. What I considered my weaknesses, I have now been able to see where these can be blessings. I feel so much more peace within me and therefore am better able to ignore nay-sayers and concentrate more on developing myself and people I come into contact with. This positivity has rubbed off on my contacts and I owe it all to Unleash!

- -M. I. N, Medical Doctor