Lounge and Clinic

Our Clients most preferred choice

With everyday pressures breathing down one’s neck, it is hard to carve out time to take stock of what is important. You need time to evaluate your current situation and make sure that you are not overwhelmed and underperforming. This is where UA Lounge & Clinic can help you, we create an atmosphere where you can explore specific topics that affect your personal development and self-actualization while continuing to expand on your business knowledge, understanding and growth. We offer this service to individuals and Corporates because individuals make up teams and if a person has an issue, then the team has an issue.

How does this work?

Why do clients love it

Our clients take advantage of this chance to unwind with friends and colleagues and recharge for the work that lies ahead. They appreciate the support, inspiration, feeling of community, and creative problem-solving that come from developing their knowledge and skills alongside a group of like-minded peers.



Our sessions are done in groups to show you that you are not alone in this and for corporations, our session helps teams see what they are doing wrong and how they can work together to become efficient and productive. We utilize some of the techniques we use in our mentoring and coaching sessions to ensure that everyone can self-reflect and see how to move forward.


We spotlight issues and topics that affect productivity and provide clear paths to potential long term solutions.


We have a carefully curated curriculum that provides both short- and long-term learning that helps you to expand your knowledge on subjects that would contribute to your personal and professional development and of course help you Unleash your hidden potential. Unleash as the name implies, is all about bringing out the possibilities resident within, tapping unutilized skills and introducing superior work ethics into a business that would increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Ready to create your own success story in a fun way that you would enjoy?