I asked a close friend of mine what he wanted for Christmas. He responded in a genuinely caring voice, “You are ok, you are at peace, your boys are ok. That’s my gift. You are one less person to worry about.” His response stopped me in my tracks. I suddenly realised that in my hustle and bustle of preparation and gift giving, I had totally forgotten about myself. I had thought of gifts for everyone but me.

I sat back and thought about how hard I had worked throughout the year and how I had focused on making sure loved ones were fine. At the end, I acknowledged myself, got up and got myself a Christmas gift. It was a bit pricey but it felt good. That said, it was still a gift that I could share with the boys and I loved that too.

Providers tend to forget about self or feel that it is selfish to focus on self. Christmas reflects the indescribable gift of Jesus from the Father which sanctifies the gift giving culture at Christmas. Please remember to acknowledge yourself and give a lovely well deserving gift to yourself. It is therapeutic and triggers the spirit of gratitude. May your Christmas season be filled with the warmth, peace and joy of the Baby Jesus for you and your loved ones.

“It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you.” ~ St. Mother Teresa

© Dr. Mirian Kene, 2022
MD, @unleashacademyua


  1. Very enligtening words, Mirian. Sometimes we need to spend sometime showing love to ourselves and those closest to us. When we are safe and secure with ourselves we can often find the strength and focus to radiate love and care outwards. Merry Christmas to all!!

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