I made it back to the course after a period of internal struggle that even surprised me but brought to mind the struggle that we often undergo when we are considering going back to something that we have been away from for a while. It could be taking a career break to take care of your baby or to accompany a spouse on expatriate work or, like in my case, taking time off a sport on doctor’s orders.

I had been away for three months. My mind conjured up all kinds of very good reasons why I didn’t need to get back to golf. ‘You would embarrass yourself; it would be like starting from the beginning; you don’t have time; your golf clothes would be snug; life is still good without golf; it’s expensive and you may never be good at it.” All sorts of ridiculous thoughts went through my mind but I finally thought of my core values that drove my decision  to take on golf. I prayed too.  Even at that, I still spoke to my Pro, changed the date and time, all in a bid to delay my return. I used the word rusty multiple times. It was deep.

I thought we would start at the range but my Pro pointed to the course. Ọmọ! My drive was on fire. I was totally blown away. Seasoned golfers were clapping and saying ‘good shot!’ I am still in shock actually. For the first time since the baby golfer started playing, she felt like a real golfer. I am back for real. My team members have been applauding my going back too. All in all, it feels awesomely exhilarating. I honestly can’t overemphasize the importance of a supportive Pro. Thanks M.

If any of this resonated with you, please dust off the scary thought cobwebs and step up. It all starts and plays out in your mind. Tell your mind that you have got to do this. Get in touch with those core values that drive your life and take that first baby step. Pray too and take some action that would get you closer to the outcome. Get new tools of trade to butter yourself up – I got some new golf clothes. Just take that first step and you would be shocked at the outcome.

© Dr. Mirian Kene, 2022


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10 thoughts on “I AM BACK!!!”

    1. Ijeoma Too-Chiobi

      Well written; I am proud and amazed at how talented you are. I am in agreement with Dr. Mirian Kene. If you set your mind to it; with grit and perseverance, you will succeed.

    2. Well done , this shows determination as we all know it’s not easy maintaining a work life balance and exercise as well . The real challenge is starting off which you have done. This is a start of better things to come your way. Well done ?

  1. Mims, like we know and usually acclaim, “The Spirit is one”. Just this morning after so many months of excuses, I intentionally went to register at a gym. This weight must give way this time around. All those excuses of no time, too much work, this and that must yield as this babe is going back on track to look smashing. I totally relate to your “coming back”. We move!!!

  2. Congrats,mims? Nah,does not sound fluent on me,let me stick to Doc. mie mie. Congrats!those THOUGHTS are the bomb! You would not even know when they have gone way beyond strong holds. Any and everything that can justify skipping that GOLIATH. You have touched the most sensitive spot on our journey/sojourn in life. Every goal, good deed, vision,mission,etc starts as a teeny weeny thought in our minds,and so do every hindrance,be it,excuse,fear, worry, discouragement,lies from the enemy,… whatever,and like you said,it is only they that overcome those hindering negative thoughts that win the Crown. Great Shot on the golf course and life course. May I face those things that I have been tactically dodging with a renewed inspiration. Thank you.

  3. Congrats!those THOUGHTS are the bomb! we don’t even know when they go way beyond strong holds. For every good deed,vision, action,speech start from thoughts. And so do every discouragement,lie from the enemy,fear, worry,excuses and negative attitude towards any thing. Like you aptly said, it is they that overcome come those hindering thoughts that win the crown! Congrats again Doc,on the return to golf and that great shot at the golf course, also on this great shot on life course. may this inspiration help me to launch back at all GOLIATH LIKE things I had hitherto stepped aside from.

  4. Always inspiring to read and hear Mirian, she always shares relateable experiences that gives insights on how to overcome life challenges…

  5. Always inspiring to read and hear Mirian, she always shares relateable experiences that give insights on how to overcome common life challenges…

  6. Always a pleasure to read from you. I love the way you use different experiences to bring in those motivations. Makes it so real. Thanks again for this reminder to just do it.

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