A few weeks ago a friend of mine was involved in an accident and as the car was tumbling she thought of all the loose ends that would be difficult for her loved ones to handle if she died. She survived, thank God, and became radically intentional about tidying up her affairs.

During the weekend, another friend shared that two of his classmates aged 50 years died – one in the morning and one at night. Barely 24 hours later he lost his brother-in-law aged 56 years early in the morning. Extremely sad pieces of news. May perpetual light shine on them and may their souls rest in peace. I, however, couldn’t help but wonder, were their loose ends tidied?

I had a medical procedure a few weeks ago and had to go under general anesthesia. As I was being prepped for the procedure, I was thinking to myself, ‘What if I don’t wake up?’ Though I had been intentional about my inheritance planning, taking care of my health and living fully, my thoughts went to my loved ones and what life would be like for them. My mind went to the little things like my passwords and the things that would make the process of picking up their lives and moving on easier.

So, what if you don’t wake up tomorrow? What are your thoughts? What do you need to do to tidy up any loose ends?

“Mostly, it is loss that teaches us about the worth of things.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

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7 thoughts on “WHAT IF I DON’T WAKE UP”

  1. This is really thought provoking and has brought a lot of things to mind for me…. Little things I take for granted, the need to have my affairs in order always and most especially, the need to cut off unnecessary baggages.
    May we have the presence of mind to always think if and do the needful always.

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